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About Us

What is QueKuSa?

Queere Kultur Salzburg - a.k.a. QueKuSa - is dedicated to promoting queer culture across Salzburg - and beyond!


What do we do?

We started out hosting shows of Salzburg's first, best and (so far) only drag garage - Magic Garage - in October 2021.

Since then, we've grown and now we host workshops, film nights, a book club, inclusive meetups and private events.

Who are we?

We're a bunch of queer culture enthusiasts all living in Salzburg but hailing from multiple countries across Europe, Africa and Latin America!


How can you get involved?

Want to strut your stuff on stage?
Or are you more interested in crafting costumes and props?

Or maybe your skills lie in workshop and discussion facilitation?

Let us know!

You can also sign up to be a member and get early notice on all our events, discounts on tickets to our drag shows and workshops, exclusive access to our private events, and much more...

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